Sitemap - 2024 - Chartbook

Top Links 451 How the tech sector dominates S&P500, Europe's defense boom, Argentina's recession shock & Pax Economica.

Top Links 450 China's consumption problem. America's real politico-judicial constitution. Liquid dependencies & the Projectariat.

Top Links 449 The 1953 rebellion in East Germany. Pricey tankers. How Transnistria survives & Roman cities.

Top Links 448 Latin America's stalled integration, the temptations of Belousov, Brecht's anthem and Task Force 58

Top Links 447 Gulf bailouts, the roots of China's EV dominance & the Lobito corridor

Chartbook 293 "Nope!" or the political void at the heart of Europe's supposed safe haven - Germany after the European elections.

Top Links 446 Why older Americans trust Biden's economics. Gulf bailouts. Chinese military spending. Ferrante's Naples.

Top Links 445 Big trouble at America's small banks. The long twilight of gold. Post-constitutionalism & housing struggles in 1970s Britain.

Top Links 444 Why Michigan unemployment matters. Nvidia's relentless surge. Global fish farming and the booming market in night vision.

Chartbook 292 Less Green - the shifting political balance in Europe and Germany after the elections.

Top Links 443 AI-intensity of economies, the end of monetary policy history, China's regional disparities & the reach of Ukraine's drones.

Top Links 442 AI as systemic financial risk. The economics of famine. Mexico's wealth panic & how H1B visas are upending the global cricket rankings.

Top Links 441 AI, tech & the US stock market, South Korean gas, Rafah's destruction and Nestlé coming for your pets.

Chartbook 291 Anglo-Thanatocene, or D-Day as liberal militarism (Thanatocene mini-series #2)

Chartbook 290 The markets and democratic surprise - India, Mexico, South Africa

Chartbook 289 D-Day 80 years on - World War II and the "great acceleration" (Thanatocene mini-series #1).

Top Links 440 Germany's AAA, Ethiopian peasants meet EU bureaucracy, the Svalbard cable & Machiavelli and W.E.B. Du Bois.

Chartbook 288: Germany in Europe 2024 - From reluctant hegemon to policy vacuum.

Top Links 439 Houston's real estate bust, Europe's credit crunch, a downgrade for France and Syria's narcostate.

Chartbook 287: After the verdict: American money and Donald Trump

Top Links 438 Oh no, mortgage-backed securities are in trouble again! Sweden's surprising unemployment. Vietnam's currency under stress & the history of the Holy Alliance.

Top Links 437 Drooping investment. How China's services could grow. America's German atomic cannon & El-Sisi's Bedouin warlord.

Chartbook 286 The Berlin Summit Declaration and the new consensus around industrial policy.

Top Links 436 Artificial Intelligence v. Artificial Idiocy (aka crypto mining) v. Operation Goldfinger. How Assad is earning dollars from the Hajj & Dunkelflaute, the nightmare of renewables.

Top Links 435 Big investments in tiny chips. Green tax credits. Europe's out of date geophysics & the economics of assassination.

Chartbook 285: Cal-Tex - How Bidenomics is shaping America's multi-speed energy transition. (Carbon notes 14)

Top Links 434 America’s International Emergency Economic Powers Act. The threat to Palestine's banks. The Carnation revolution & the miamification of Madrid.

Top Link 433 The American labour market. Cheaper crude or no more food. The history of BBQ & donkeys at risk.

Chartbook 284 Gaza: "the decade after" - the surreal geoeconomic imaginary of Netanyahu's "economic peace"

Top Links 432 Iran's aging planes. America's exclusive mortgage market. Breaking Putin's heart and India's complicated FDI balance.

Top Links 431 The Manicure Economy. Billionaire Raj. The UAE as a (family) company state & how corporations built Empire.

Top Links 430 Child labor in the USA. National staffing quotas at the ECB? Prehistomanie & the history and poetry of sperm oil.

Chartbook 284 The beginning of a new era: How the "global" energy transition is happening in China (Carbon Notes 13)

Top Links 429 Homeless in the rich world. How the BoJ ate the stock market. The world that Sec 301 made and the plot to kill Thatcher.

Top Links 428 Syria's currency collapse. America's lame EV charger rollout, domicide and liminal time.

Top Links 427 The price of orange juice. The puzzle of the price index. Assad under pressure from his Iranian creditors & Napoleon III's American empire.

Top Links 426 Debt delinquency in the USA. Putin's top technocrat and preparing for the "next fight" in the Pacific.

Chartbook 283 Trump, trade, capital controls and the future of the dollar: the Lighthizer-Pettis connection

Top Links 425 The problem with Pemex. Why Ukraine's drone strikes on Russian oil make sense. Feeling safe v. being safe & the Workshop of the World.

Top Links 424 Big Inch and Little Big Inch. How Detroit risks going the way of the Dodo. The strange death of Social Europe.

Top Links 423 The most profitable year in the history of American big oil. How the media reinforce America's obsession with gas prices & the rattiest cities ... in America.

Chartbook 282 $61 billion is not enough. Why the Biden administration needs a ceasefire strategy in Ukraine.

Top Links 422 Biden, oil President. The trillion dollar pile of unexited companies. Ballard's garden of time & Dien Bien Phu 70 years on

Top Links 421 Serbian copper, railways, China, UAE, AI & Tito's cookbook: The Belgrade connection - apropos of Xi's visit

Top Links 420 US labour market bifurcation, Gazprom's terrible war, mapping DRC's disaster, Stiglitz on the economics of the scam.

Chartbook 281 137 million people: From DRC to Yemen - a megaregion in polycrisis.

Top Links 419 How the Anglosphere fails to build housing, EM under pressure, Chiquita's death squad funding in the dock & Hannah Arendt's FBI file.

Top Links 418 Yen-dollar volatility, soft commodity collapse & China's May 4th movement at 105.

Top Links 417 Plummeting top tax-rates, BP & the future of Gulf oil, Keynes & endowment management & democracy's problem with the future.

Top Links 416 Americans fear the economic future, Argentina's slump, the Ford truck glut & cuteness studies.

Chartbook 280 The state as blunt force - impressions of the Columbia campus clearance.

Top Links 415 The jumpiness of US Treasury markets, the economics of civil war, Moshi-Tora & South Sudan's sovereign debt.

Top Links 414 Yen-dollar testing historic limits, Boeing on the brink of junk, the crisis of accounting & the museum of plastic lost at sea.

Top Links 413 Why the Pentagon buys Chinese-made ships, growth in the Philippines & the libidinal fantasy of campus.

Top Links 412 Wage growth in America, a Chinese take on financial crises, the Venetian empire and vapor trails over Wales.

Chartbook 279: Columbia University's "crisis" - a political economy sketch map.

Chartbook 278: Recasting Bourgeois Europe ... almost at fifty. In honor of Charlie Maier.

Top Links 411 Ukraine's power imports, cash hoarders, PE's $3.2 trillion embarrassment & the last class of a Harvard legend.

Top Links 410 Gen Z takes over. Underwater Afrofuturism and why California can't insure its fire houses.

Top Links 409 The looming debt crunch, global gold rush, the "Bloody Ground" & little Egypt ... in Illinois.

Top Links 408 The boomer wealth cascade, America's local death spirals, Buchenwald's roll call & modes of injection.

Chartbook 277 The world is still on fire! (Summers & Singh) - the disaster of development finance in 2023.

Top Links 407 Why you shouldn't believe the CPI hype. NY's tax colonoscopies and Florida threatens Chinese with prison for buying property.

Top Links 406 Data-dependent central banking, China's nuclear power surge, project gnome & Ukraine's middle-aged army.

Chartbook 276 Soft, slow and scarred - the IMF's take on the world economy in April 2024.

Top Links 405 The costs of resilience. Are European bombs over-bought? Costco v. the PBoC and the deadly polycrisis in Ethiopia.

Top Links 404 Biden's sanctions assault. Quiet luxury's fate hangs in the balance in Asia and the rate of return on expensive American education.

Chartbook 275: After the Iran-Israel escalation, where does the global economy go next?

Chartbook 274 From Bauhaus to Buchenwald .. to mid-century cool.

Top Links 403 Making chips is REALLY hard, millennial housing inequality, victims of fortress Europe & the VW unionization drive

Top Links 402 Downtown death spiral, doubting the Marshall Plan, Foucault on the mesh of power & the summer of theory

Top Links 401 Did globalization really plateau? West African heatwaves, the law of general averages & rebuilding Chinese culture

Top Links 400 Brazil's size, the pain of long COVID, IG Farben's empire & how Storm Shadow actually worked.

Chartbook 273: Feeding the world, whilst "sparing land"? Debating the rise of modern Brazilian agriculture.

Top Links 399 Industrialization before the industrial revolution, the ECB's suite of models & the sixtieth anniversary of Brazil's military coup.

Top Links 398 America's migrant boost, Zimbabwe returns to the gold standard, drones v. recruits in Myanmar & Europe’s exoatmospheric deficit.

Top Links 397 Sweden's inequality surge, the drama of China's demographic transition, all-American "worm grunting" & Gadamer's bitter retirement

Top Links 396 Fewer hours worked, Ukraine's European farming dilemma, the rise of Comancheria & coups in Korea

Chartbook 272 The case for a big vaccine push (despite the political economy). It's time for a new golden age in global health.

Top Links 395 Baltimore insurance claims & the logic of big ships, Indian growth arithmetic, Tajik poverty & Bavaria's space moment.

Top Links 394 Chips for America, Russia's nitrocellulose imports, listening to Yemen & America is thinking about building a railway ... on the moon!

Top Links 393 Drug shortages, Mongolia's climate cataclysm, South Sudan's pipeline crisis & McCarthy on the reification of thought.

Top Links 392 Unilateral financial disarmament, the cocoa bean shock, the Congo canyon, intranquility and how Swedes know what it means to feel older.

Chartbook 271 Reasons of State: Memory politics, U-Boats, Iran & the German-Israeli relationship

Top Links 391 Can labour save Boeing from itself? The global infrastructure finance boom, the economic history of the holiday resort & the payoff from a Strep vaccine

Top Links 390 The bleak future for Nigerian oil, why the US doesn't want Ukraine to attack Russian refineries, Putin's pensioner problem & the central heating revolution.

Top Links 389 American protectionism, fossil fuel rearguard, Cuban protests, two visions of American transport - Chrysler vs Amtrak & how the Black Panthers mapped Yale.

Top Links 388 America's stable economy, Brazil's China dilemma, Nepal's lurch to the left,Latiff Mohidin's Pago Pago & the "funky drummer".

Chartbook 270: How Russia makes missiles - an important report from Rhodus Intelligence

Top Links 387 America's aging capital stock, Japan's trade union breakthrough, instant noodles taking over the world & the decline of hobbies.

Top Links 386 China's investment shifts gear, Sudan's refugee crisis spills over, southern African drought & America's history crisis

Top Links 385 China's vanishing statistics, Mexico's investment boom, why German carmakers don't want tariffs on Chinese EV & the Rangoon School

Top Links 384 Gaza's famine, Malaysia's currency under pressure, PE impasse, pickles for millenials and Hjalmar Schacht's host in Indonesia.

Chartbook 269: Alderney, or the delirious arithmetic of modern mass violence.

Top Links 383 America's grotesque Gaza policy, the UK impasse, Turkey's balancing act, China's satellites, a life in three colors.

Top Links 382 Global asset management rankings, living in private equity times, nuclear overkill & Chinese migration.

Top Links 381 Rising interest rates, Chinese defense stocks, Houthi shipping secrets & the future of air conditioning

Top Links 380 How Congress is holding up the defense-industrial boom, China's green hydrogen push, Keynes on the politics of time &. a disaster brewing in Congo

Top Links 379 Ailing Chicago, the new China shock, what resembles a grave but isn't and fear of peace.

Chartbook 268: "How can we not know?": CAR and the challenge of tracking a silent crisis.

Top Links 378 Biden & the oil industry, from guns to butter, shrinking Korea, Pax Economica & bitcoin's mad power consumption

Top Links 377 Xi's crackdown on bankers, the world's most polluting power plants, on book-buying, flatscapes, the Kaiser on future ships & Oswald's swan.

Top Links 376 The industrial policy moment, the mining deadlock, good sex as body horror & the future of liberalism.

Top Links 375 Chocolate "crisis", the first single-line railway linking Mexico to Canada, Tate & Lyle, Samson's lion & zoom music.

Top Links 374 The new armaments boom, how to build places for people to live, Eswanti's ship register & Marx to Darwin

Chartbook 267 JET-P: The "Paper Tigers" of Western climate geopolitics (also Carbon Notes #12)

Top Links 373 Ordeal by Roses, US bank worries, Gazprom's losses, misfiring missiles & Bismarck's legacy

Top Links 372 China's New Year spending, the history of the growth paradigm, outlaw electric trikes and the Autobiography of Red

Top Links 371 The UK's grim trajectory, dumb & dangerous banks, the authentic Iranian face at risk & Morin on Gaza

Top Links 370 America's big spending, German weapons, consolidating Permian & Kant and global chaos

Chartbook 266 Israel's downgrade

Top Links 369 The lasagne of European farm politics, South African power cut misery, uninsurable weather & Adrienne Rich

Top Links 368 The first Chinese capitalists, war in Africa now, BDS is working & the art of doing nothing

Whither China 5: No, China is not competing with India for Wall Street's attention.

Top Links 367 What's happening to dollars, who makes AI, business and the far-right & Foucault's dissertation

Chartbook Carbon Notes 11 China's energy transition path and the global carbon budget

Top Links 366 China's balance of payments, the tricky business of Saudi sovereign wealth, Libyan fuel smuggling & slow food.

Top Links 365 Commercial real estate tremors, asset management dominance, Sudan's battles, El Nino, Somalia's flooding & Africa's cholera emergency

Top Links 364 The US-EU equity divergence, nuclear cost explosion, uptown and downtown rats, Silicon Valley and the "mystery" of the human ovary

Top Links 363 Gaza's destruction, how motherhood hurts careers, America's global profits, cricket flour & the parable of the hostages.

Chartbook Carbon Notes 10: In China, clean energy is now THE driver of overall economic growth.

Top Links 362 Eurozone pancake landing, the rise of Saudi oil power, unsticking Sri Lanka's debt impasse & Marcher Lords

Top Links 361 Europe's population, Russia's Chinese links, global arms spending & what the super-rich consume

Top Links 360 ECB's wage obsession, Meloni v. the Agnellis, illegal sand mining & R-rated profits.

Chartbook 262 Crisis Tribes - On Europe Now

Top Links 359 NextEra v. the GOP rollback, ASMLs global sales, the Gen Z gender-divergence & Britain's theorist of countergangs

Top Links 358 Bond markets on fire, Cairo revamp, Libyan flood aftermath, Aron on Europe & NATO, plus fascism in America

Top Links 357 African default risk, multinationals plead for Nippon steel, sinification of the burger & boy meets machine tool

Top Links 356 Ten percent of US GDP - the secret size of local government, container rates pop, the gunpowder revolution and Spermageddon

Top Links 355 Yield-curve mystery, Kuroda's personal history, thirteen ways of looking at money & more drones than men.

Top Links 354 Ukraine's fx drain, passive overtakes active, the globalziation of US migration & underpricing carmageddon

Chartbook 261 On Europe: A failed project of state-capitalist relations? The Eurozone at 25 (part 2)

Top Links 353 Retail recovery, banking rules clash, Boeing's shame & paying for sea lane security

Top Links 352 China's silver economy, Gulf Coast LNG terminals in question, sci-fi chip manufacturing & the forlorn hope.

Top Links 351 China deflation, German stagnation, Shell "exits" Nigeria & preparing America's cadets for a constitutional crisis.

Top Links 350 Bond investors believing in fiscal stories, editing the China story, paying for cars in America and reading Italo Calvino's resistance novel.

Top Links 349 Middle East insurance pullback, beyond BRI, Strike Germany & Chile as the end point in the commodity chain of fast fashion.

Top Links 348 Chinese deflation, Nigeria's 1st oil refinery, Blackrock's ESG retreat, NYC derailments and the future as a political idea

Top Links 347 South Korea's economic miracle, brandy trade wars, Jon Elster on Raymond Aron and Mead & Baldwin on race

Chartbook 260 On Europe: Beyond failing forward? The Euro at 25 (Part 1)

Top Links 346 Sudden stop in the Euroarea, ExxonMobil's secular stagnation, Chinese speed & Monet and money

Top Links 345 Africa's new lost decade, Saudi's sovereign weath activism, bucks for bangs, vehicle-based homelessness & the history of polyamory

Top Links 344 Pessimistic talk in the West, the argument against confiscating Russian assets, medieval megafloods and de Beauvoir

Chartbook 259 Germany's CO2 emissions plunge. But all is not at it seems

Top Links 343 Bank worries, untracked fishing, the fall of Robespierre, Heinrich on Marx, Kronos and the remaking of the string quartet

Top Links 342 Worrying mortgage debts, Dutch lithograph machines, Ethiopia's drive to the sea & the history of Vesuvius.

Top Links 341 Why Gaza matters, Alibaba's struggles, the fire next time & The Rise of Modern Chinese Thought

Top Links 340 The population revolution of the 20th century, Russia's machine-tool supplies, ice-free Great Lakes and the radical 1970s

Chartbook 258 War, peace and the return of history in 2023