Postwar inflation, the Netherlands as the cocaine capital of Europe and African monetary sovereignty.
Great links from Chartbook newsletter by Adam Tooze
Great reading from Chartbook Newsletter
I’m not into crypto. I talk about it reluctantly. I don’t like repeating myself but I still like these lines from Chartbook Newsletter #15 Money talk is…
Yes, I know it is relentless. That is also a feature of the polycrisis we are in. It comes from all sides and it just doesn’t stop. How to get a handle…
On the US inflation debate in January 2022
Midweek reading from Chartbook Newsletter
Some notes from New York
Exploring Italy's material constitution.
Great links and reading from Chartbook newsletter by Adam Tooze
Tracking the escalating tension.
As NATO meets to discuss the tension on the Russian border to Ukraine, and the papers fill with denunciations of Putin’s aggression, I still find it…