Sitemap - 2023 - Chartbook

Top Links 217 Russia's brain drain, Intel's trials, France's steamy Finance Minister, slow & deserted by Ligeti

Chartbook 216: Heroic periodization: histories of Bretton Woods & the "New Washington Consensus"

Top Links 216 China's solar revolution, Erdogan's political machine, Pentagon spending & Bamana masks,

Top Links 215 Cars and globalization, the crime business, Russian arms exports & racial segregation

Top Links 214 Puerto Rican killings, European labour markets, elite closure in economics and vintage Rai

Top Links 213 Global safe assets, China's public & war over Taiwan & sleeping in society's blind spots.

Chartbook 215 Erdogan's inflation: a "Swedish" interpretation.

Top Links 212 Overbanked America, how transit died & the global "war surge" of the 2010s.

Chartbook 214 The global olive grove - How climate change is challenging Europe's olive garden

Carbon notes #5: Green hydrogen, the "gas of the future"?

Top Links #211 China's impact on US inflation, cheaper fertilizer, energy research v. gym & African regionalism.

Top Links 210 The new military-industrial complex, price-price spirals, big money in Dallas, low-modernist solar

Top Links 209 Chip war losers, data cables through Russia, Proust's trucker jacket, energy & history

Top Link 208 Europe's inflation, de-dollarization for the desperate, Pynchon book signing, Karl Marx on California

Chartbook #214: Why the 2023 banking crisis does not look like 2008, or why one run is not like another.

Top Links #207 VW's struggles in China, Bahamas shenanigans, global land reform & India's mangoes.

Top Links 206 USAID, Europe's credit crunch, worldwide space ports & Stalin's moment of truth.

Chartbook #213 Expanding the fortress: Why JP Morgan is even more important than you think!

Top Links #205 America's not-so-small banking crisis, Leontief's comeback & the global impact of sanctions.

Top Links 204 National security economics, education exports, battery dominance & the moon-rover race

Chartbook #212 The end of the petrodollar? How macroeconomics may compound geopolitics in shaping the future of the dollar system.

Top Links #203 Woeful energy R&D spending, falling real incomes, Raymond Williams & Africa and the World Bank

Top Links #202 Trillion-dollar wealth effects, EM-EM trade, "if the world were a democracy" & the Valeriepieris circle

Chartbook #211 Bucking the buck? Debating the global dollar ... again!

Top Links #201 America's remarkable recovery, Europe's massive bond losses, UBS's "badwill" & a big bet against the dollar.

Top Links 200 "Bank walk", the first CBAM, credit allocation & a dirge for John Coltrane

Chartbook #210 - The Partisans descending from their graves - Pasolini's "Victory", April 25th 1964

Top links #199 The moment of truth in China's car market, why Red districts don't want green money, talking Saudi Arabia & what to do about debt

Top Links 198 China's cheap Russian gas, the slow death of global development, silencing the past & the destruction of Berlin

Top Links #197 How wheat spread across Eurasia, the global terms of trade, decoupling, Albert Speer & the Joy of Sex

Chartbook #209 The Sudan crisis and the Sahel gold rush

Top Links 196 India overtakes China, America's $4 trillion offshore horde, ramping up repression in Myanmar and Mongolia's demographic transition.

Carbon Notes 4 From Feast to Famine: Apartheid's power bonanza and the genesis of South Africa's electricity crisis.

Top Links 195 US labour market shocks, neutrality in the financial forcefield, the coal explosion, Capitalism & Schizophrenia

Top Links 194 Diminishing debt defaults, consumption divergence, White bison & the last week of German nuclear power

Chartbook 208: "as a historian ..." - the courage of Vladimir Kara-Murza

Top Links 193 How to find your Nazi great grand-parents, robot Napoleon, the aftermath of the Adani affair & Megan Greene joins MPC

Top Links #192 Global R&D race, KwaZulu visions of the jet age, single-parenting in America & Hegel's world revolutions

Chartbook Carbon Notes #3 Four trillion dollars per annum - The shock of reality from sustainable development thinking.

Top Links 191 Barcelona 1902, black unemployment, global layoffs & foreign military bases in Africa

Carbon Note 2: The "Western" energy transitions - narcissism of small differences.

Top Links 190 The US housing market cooling, macro models, the political history of the rouble & how 1970s California created the modern world

Top Links #189 The looming rice crisis, Brahms lying in state, Vietnam's export surge & hiding from the Hueys

Chartbook 208: Global bond markets on the rack - aka Finance & the Polycrisis #11 (sic)

Top Links #188 Dylan's Napoleon, Chinese ports, Latin American remittances & North Korean oil smuggling

Top Links 187 Chinese exports in question, fewer sharks & America's crisis of "young deaths".

Chartbook 207 Finance & the Polycrisis #10: The trillion-dollar rebalancing: A new macrofinancial conjuncture?

Top links 186 Oil & power, the risk of spills & the dollar's imperial circle

Top links 185 America's declining life expectancy, China's solar surge & how Carbonara vindicates Eric Hobsbawm

Chartbook 206: The attack on the Center for Policy Research, India's leading policy research institution.

Top Links 184 Bank crises, venture debt, election-watching & socialist murals on Nazi buildings.

Chartbook 205: Does Ukraine's war economy have a new platform in 2023?

Top links 183 Indonesian modernism, sunflower stabilization, commercial real estate & what America cooks with

Chartbook 204: Iraq's economic impasse twenty years after the invasion.

Top links 182 European defense spending, Africa's multi-speed demographics & would you work in Germany?

Top Links 181 Mortgage pressure, the domestication of the American garage, the global cereal market & Siberian power

Top Links 180 Worries about commercial real estate, killer fungus, Swiss machines & the rise of Texas

Top links 179 Repurposed hardware, the global capex slump, academic hierarchies & Alpine poverty

Chartbook #203 Finance & the polycrisis #9 Banking crises, states of exception & the disappointment of sovereignty - a roundup of last week.

Top links 178 Divisions over Ukraine, China's migrants, South China Sea Cables & Chartbook errata

Chartbook #202 What went wrong at Credit Suisse? The Swiss roots of the debacle.

Top Links 177 Banking rot, Aukus on the move & what Russia's liberals learned from Pinochet

Top Links 176 Financial conditions, photographing Apartheid, what America left in Afghanistan & Britain's Brasilia

Chartbook #201 Finance & the polycrisis #8 Venture dominance? The meaning of the SBV interventions.

Top Links 175 The thing we aren't calling a bailout, other banks & how German and Japanese debt seem like a safe haven plus modeling Pearl Harbor

Top links 174 Chinese manufacturing dominance, the slave-trade & the industrial revolution, Yuan Shikai remembered & anti-fascist footballers

Chartbook #200 Finance and the polycrisis #7 Something Broke! The Silicon Valley Bank Failure - How tech hubris and low interest rates combined to produce a big mess.

Top Links 173 The global funding crunch, rebels in the Congo, US high-tech investment & Dutch bikes

Chartbook #199 How Putin's war dawned on Washington

Top Links 172 Global obesity, the ECB's cartoonish anti-inflationism & Baghdad's clogged traffic

Top Links 171 North Korean GDP, Germany's broken rental market & copper worlds

Chartbook - Carbon Notes #1: Repowering the world - the challenge of electrification

Top Links #170: Repudiating Russia's reserves, disaggregating inflation & industrializing India

Top links #169 Chinese growth, maternal mortality, the real estate crunch & the history of Japanese feminism.

Top Links 168 Surging Chinese car exports, Indo-Pacific geopolitics, American mental health and the mystery of Russia's reserves.

Top links 167 Global credit booms, the French baby bust, China's dwindling farm land & the best books on spying.

Chartbook #198 Globalization: The shifting patchwork

Chartbook #197: The Ukraine-Aid Reality Gap

Top Links #166 Rethinking the Fed, the CO2 in cut flowers & the withering of Françafrique

Top Links #165 Chaplin on the gold standard, North Korea's dapper cabinet, the value of a Russian life & NASA's art program

Chartbook #196 The Closing of the Cocoa Frontier

Top Links 164 America's weird mortgage market, Nigeria's well #1, the Taliban in power and human composting in Seattle.

Top Links 163 Political central bankers, ancient sociology, markups & the Asian tourism slump

Top Links 162 Russian chip imports, Okinawan brutalism, yield-curve inversion & lost children.

Chartbook #195: How to pay for Putin's war?Russia's technocrats torn between defense of the austerity status quo and national mobilization.

Top links #161 Be patient, the sun is rising in the East ... long & variable lags & what central banks are for.

Top Links 160 Expert masks, the geopolitics of the earthquake zone & what is left of One Belt One Road?

Chartbook #194 Can Beijing halt China's housing avalanche? The most important economic-policy question for 2023?

Top Links 159 The ones trying to grow, ETF explosion, the military-industrial complex and the last 747

Chartbook #193 Indian nation-building, Modi and the Adani crisis

Top Links 158 Slowbalization, "newbalization", French contradictions & Mussolini's Rome as seen by Carrie Mae Weems

Chartbook #192 On deglobalisation and polycrisis

Top links 157 Maximalism - the art of polycrisis, Subprime Sachs & the China inflation shock

Top Links 156 German recession, Thatcher on Fukuyama, Indonesian hot rods & Philippines booming

Chartbook #191 Tanks for Ukraine

Chartbook #190: The Adani crisis - is Modi's house of cards at risk?

Top links 155 Singaporean realism, carbon-free Texas & the Bathysphere

Chartbook 189 The ECB's inflation dilemma.

Top Links 154 Grim art, the BoJ's last stand, Ukrainian refugees and the border-industrial complex

Top Links 153 Lebanese inflation, Iwo Jima, how the Netherlands grew, Pierre Bourdieu and peak gasoline

Chartbook #188 Archipelago capitalism, the Bahamas and FTX

Top Links 152 Wagner group's co-working space, how the Fed got a dual mandate & the open sewer of the Bronx

Chartbook #187: MLK's economic radicalism & the strange birth of the Fed's dual mandate

Top Links 151: Remapping the world, investing in German armaments, young American deaths & the iPhone-industrial complex

Top links 150 Shale subsidies, Poland's golden age, China's steel & the genius of Antiguan Frank Walter

Top links 149 Microregions that drive global growth, America's credit boom & rebel dogs

Top links 148 When America defaulted, Pakistan's crisis & Raiders of the Lost Ark

Top Links #147 Clash of chip titans, Nokia risk, deciphering the Nazi war economy & the tyrannical concept of feudalism

Chartbook #186 Solicitous dictatorship. The political economy of authoritarianism - Aly v. Tooze revisited.

Top Links #146 I gotta feeling, deunionization USA, Enrico Mattei's ENI in Africa & the world's nuclear arsenal

Top Links #145 America's government-backed mortgage system, the Irish mafia and the "Mama of Dada"

Chartbook #185 Inflation and distributional conflict - in 2023 not 1973! Also a response to the debate around that Blanchard thread.

Top Links #144 Indonesian expressionism, US manufacturing, McLuhan on nostalgia & remembering 1917 in 2017

Top Links 143 Grace Jones, Russian chips, oil profits & Egypt's infinite economic crisis