Sitemap - 2022 - Chartbook

Top Links #142: Molotov man & the Nicaraguan uprising of 1979, polycrisis in Central America & rehabilitating the Qing dynasty

Chartbook #184 - Nostalgia for decline in deconvergent Britain

Top Links #141 Inflation in the Baltic, Cambodian highways & the allure of Malaparte

Top Links 140 Fusion start ups, German mercenaries, Nepalese Maoists & Himalayan hydro diplomacy

Top Links 139 Big bank bond losses, Marshall Pilsudski's boyhood dream & Germany's vintage capitalism.

Chartbook #183: The Christmas Tree & the great acceleration - from Strasbourg to Shanghai

Top Links 138 O'Keefe & Frankenthaler, ever-growing Canada, coconuts on Zanzibar & "Silicon Saxony"

Chartbook #182 Washington's disruptive new consensus.

Top link 137 Construction contraction, 16th-century inflation, Baudrillard's America & Shockwave Rider

Top Links #136 China's health care system, rubber barons, illiteracy in America and the world history of nitrogen.

Top Link #135 F35 crash & burn, China's frontier tech & real estate collapse

Chartbook #181: Finance and the polycrisis (6): Africa's debt crisis

Top Links 134 90 % inflation, the strike calendar, deaths of despair & the Taliban economy

Chartbook #180: Do you ski? The political economy of snow, slopes and skiing

Top Links 133 NO wage-price spiral, central bank losses & the first EV-powered vasectomy

Top Links #132 The core of the core of the core of US inflation, Arctic war games & Robe of Gems

Top Links #131 Chinese vaccine surge, refugees in Europe and the rise and fall of the Prius

Chartbook #179 Finance and the polycrisis (5) The hunt for the next market fracture.

Top Links #130 Ukraine's flailing war economy, young dudes and crypto, J.G. Ballard and Libya's perfect storm.

Top Links #129 EU debt, Islamic finance, Illustrious corpses & Chekov as barfly

Chartbook #178 Witnesses to the automobile revolution

Top Links #128 What happens in China ..., Republican pickups & E.P. Thompson v. Caspar Weinberger

Top Links #127 Profit-shifting, rodent Tsar & the world's worst unemployment.

Chartbook #177 Beijing's tragic COVID dilemma

Top Links 126 The global wage hierarchy, dark fleet & things that kill

Top Links #125 8 billion humans, Hegel treasure trove, Hungarian revisionism, Dionne Warwick & the weak rupee.

Top Links #124 Latin America's lost decades, Pakistan's pain, crossing the Berezina and our Ballardian world.

Chartbook #176 The protests in China - a reading list

Top Link #123 The recession foretold, Turkey's mystery money & the surreal reality of turret gunners.

Chartbook #175 Fortune Favors the Brave: the making of crypto ideology, Vesuvius and the romantic sublime.

Top Links #122 European consumer gloom, decoupling optimism, Soviet jackhammers & CFOs

Top Links #121 Thanksgiving economics, global house prices & the first modern tank ... was French.

Chartbook #174: Finance and the polycrisis (4) Fed effects & European corporate bond market.

Top Links #120 Energy transition too slow, chip wars, the Blood telegram and Hegel news.

Top Links #119 How JP Morgan and Goldman make their money, Chinese deflation & tank weights.

Chartbook #173: Barred from Employment - how criminalization blights American lives.

Top Links #118 Global coal dependence, Peru's blueberry exports & Marvin Gaye

Top Links #117 China's broken consumption, Captain Nemo & the Cantina band

Chartbook #172: Finance and the Polycrisis (3) US Treasuries - how fragile is the world's most important market?

Top Links #116 Fx trading round the clock, North Korea & smooth love potion tokens & Spartakist fonts

Chartbook #171 Finance and the polycrisis (2) The global housing downturn.

Chartbook #170 Finance and the polycrisis (1): What bends? What breaks? What implodes?

Top Links #115 Shelter inflation, Corvette body bucks & the price of beer

Top Links #114 The Himalayan conflict zone, macro imbalances & opium prices.

Chartbook #169: Polycrisis @ COP27, Carney's dream & the global LNG squeeze: reading and listening from the climate conference

Top Links #113 Real wage slump, the Mafia of the pastures, the battle of Havana

Top Links #112 : Debt Service Costs, Knights on strike, Müller, Habermas & Walzer on money

Chartbook #168: Germany's economic entanglement with China

Top Links #111 Cockroaches of the investment universe, emerging market abortions & lunch at Lehman Bros

Top Links #110 Scary mortgage rates, Amsterdam house prices, the politics of inflation and "outrenoir".

Chartbook #167: Haiti 2022 - Polycrisis Extreme.

Top Links #109 Cyprus war crimes, Saudi petrodollars and England's last war with France.

Chartbook #166: 1922/2022 - The centenary of Mussolini's "March on Rome" and the dilemmas of the liberal expert class.

Chartbook #165: Polycrisis - thinking on the tightrope.

Top Links #108: The Rolex Market, global EV, the Shah's environmental park & Ohio river pottery

Chartbook #164 The return of TINA & the impasse of 2022 inflation politics.

Top Links #107 Energy price shock, the dead bond market & the military-industrial complex

Top Links #106 Sun Ra, the Mississippi drought, Agatha Christie & the Fed's losses.

Chartbook #163: Warfare without the state - New Keynesian shock therapy for Ukraine's home front.

Top Links #105 LNG glut in Europe, CEO pay and on hating precisely.

Top Links #104 Loop 303, Building A Power Plant in Anhui & the Collapse of the Italian Party System

Chartbook #162 In Memoriam: Bruno Latour

Top Links #103 Wage-price spirals, NATO's Eastern front & the brains behind the bombers.

Chartbook #161 Iran's contested demographic revolution.

Chartbook #160 Kindleberger, Mehrling and that Nobel Prize

Chartbook #159 "India's moment" and the polycrisis

Top Links #102 Financial dominance, Freikorps & Japanese super brooms.

Top Links #101 The end of Russian gas, China in the world economy, Hegel & the Adriatic

Chartbook #158: Recession risk in a world in the grip of the global dollar cycle.

Chartbook #157: The bond market massacre of September 2022.

Top Links #100 India overtakes the UK, the return of syphilis, Keynesianisms & the LEGO fall of Saigon

Chartbook #156 Project Fear 3.0 - or the gatekeepers and the Tories

Chartbook #155 The UK, not keeping calm and how you can't unburn toast.

Top Links #99 Ford v. Fiat, Italy's decline & the history of cute

Top Links #98 Coal is back, poetic NFTs, select your fantasy politburo and Stallone's stunt double

Chartbook #154 Who is going to vote for Italy's right-wing coalition?

Chartbook #153: The South Asian Polycrisis

Top Links #97 The end of China's Treasury purchases, Nigeria's dollar shortage, University of Texas oil wealth

Chartbook #152 The anti-inflation pivot of 2022 - How uncoordinated & contractionary monetary & fiscal policy risk a global recession.

Top Links #96: Zugzwang, energy price shocks, Phillips machines, Foucault & animals

Chartbook #151: Zugzwang - are we on the brink of a central banking paradigm shift?

Top Links #95 Yeats on "The Second Coming", Joseph Schumpeter on the thunder of world history and China-US life expectancy (again)

Chartbook #150: Why "cheap Russian gas" was a strategic snare but not the secret to German export success.

Top Links #94 Inflation drivers, giant squids, the gemstone market and when an offensive is not a counteroffensive

Chartbook #149: Success on the battlefield whilst the pressure mounts on Ukraine's home front.

Chartbook #148: Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? How China, Cuba and Albania came to have higher life expectancy than the USA.

Top Links #93 Tracking Greek tankers, Saudi petrodollars & golf courses v. solar

Top Links #92: Industrial policy and war, Svetlana Alexievich & the woman who invented the advertising jingle.

Chartbook #147: Jackson Hole 2022 - the 18th Brumaire of Jerome Powell

Top Link #91 The global spread of dumplings, regional trade deals and the crown of Charlemagne.

Chartbook #146 The Russia-Ukraine War At Six Months: symbolic anniversary or economic and military turning point?

Chartbook #145: China on the tightrope

Chartbook #144: The Energy Shock and the Southern Cone - Is Argentina the weakest link?

Chartbook # 143 China, Africa and a new, "Two World" divide?

Top Links #90 Corn & hope, peak agriculture land, America the unglobalized.

Chartbook #142: The dollar system's resilience

Top Links #89 Chinese inflation, UK immigration, shipbuilding shortages & fan vaults

Chartbook #141: Is financial uncoupling from China beginning?

Top Links #88 Odesa blockade, land grabs, energy arbitrage & the politics of Syrian ruins

Chartbook #140: China-Taiwan-Pelosi special

Chartbook #139 The battle for climate legislation in the US: making sense of the Manchin-Schumer compromise

Top Links #87: Supercomputers, globalization, mangos and Roman bread.

Top Links #86 Underinvestment, the great melt, the price of oil and the price of dinosaurs.

Chartbook #138: Build Back Better, Dead Again

Top Links #85 Chinese consumers, Old Godmother chili sauce & the EM debt crisis.

Chartbook #137: The regime at risk - macroprudentialism faces the test of inflation

Top Links #84: Italy in crisis, American inflation politics, oil prices and Carl Schmitt's bungalow

Top Links #83: Energy transition, Tesla Slump and US immigration

Chartbook #136: The legacy of Shinzō Abe, yield curve control & the "widow-maker" trade.

Chartbook #135: A Chartbook sampler

Chartbook #134: Inflation as an emergent macroeconomic phenomenon

Chartbook #133 Under the hood of the power dynamics of inflation

Chartbook #132 Nowcasting - the immediate outlook for the US economy

Top Links #82 BIS Tower, Big Tech Mistrust, CBDC and Android Soldiers

Chartbook #131 Calibrating the polycrisis - with the help of the Bank of International Settlements

Chartbook #130 Defining polycrisis - from crisis pictures to the crisis matrix.

Top Links #81: The Fourth Estate, Stagflation & Wealth Destruction

Chartbook #129 Love Actually, the Columbia MA Commencement 2022 and the global future.

Top Links #80 Waterloo, Kale Marx and Branko Milanović revisiting the Elephant

Top Links #79: Dürer's nightmare, Aggregate Demand and Berlin's Population

Chartbook #128: Mission command - NATO's Strangelove vision of freedom enacted on the Ukraine battlefield

Top Links #78 Keynes, Blimp hangers & Russian trade

Chartbook 127 - The World Bank's global take on the 1970s, stagflation and debt crises.

Chartbook #126: For the anniversary of D-Day - Blitzkrieg manquée? Or, a new mode of "firepower war"?

Chartbook #125: Familiar Stranger - Stuart Hall on diasporic thought

Top Links #77 Stasi Scent Samples, Russia's GDP & Malaria Mortality

Chartbook #124 The Currency of Politics

Top Links #76 Albert Hirshman, wind power and the global slowdown

Chartbook #123: The war in Ukraine and the triumph of the all-American anti-tank gizmo

Top Links #75: Land for food, humanity today and yesterday & Putin's German.

Chartbook #122: What drives inflation?

Top Links #74: Russian gas, 1990s semiconductors & the banana monorail

Chartbook #121: Youth Quake. Why African demography should matter to the world

Top Links #73 South Asia boiling, reverse currency wars & Marx's birthday

Chartbook #120: St Javelin, Lockheed & the arsenal of democracy

Top Links #72 India sweltering, gas prices in the US and EU, "capitalism" the history of a word.

Chartbook #119: Lend-Lease & Escalation

Chartbook #118: China's growth prospects

Top Links #71: Amazon plateaus, crushing Huawei, real wages in the 1970s, the barrage at Passchendaele

Chartbook #117: Nazi billionaires

Top Links #70 Commodity market liquidity, Chinese energy lending stopped & the prospect of inflation disasters

Chartbook #116: The end of crypto's "Wild West"? The battle to shape the future of digital assets in US-UK-EU.

Top Links #69 Finland's famine, global unicorns, Asian travel and Catholicism in Latin America

Chartbook #115: The Marshall Plan Revisited

Top Links #68: Churchill on a Buffalo, French sovereignty & the creation of crisis

Chartbook #114: Azovstal - Mariupol's final battlefield

Chartbook #113: Tension in the dollar-system. Could a plunging Japanese Yen upset the US Treasury market?

Top Links #67: Nuclear waiting room, Ugandan oil & Irish economic history

Chartbook #112 Inflation is hurting, but will it last? Between normalization, Putin's war and China's Covid shock.

Chartbook #111: What about Greece? Charting a future beyond the debt crisis

Top Links #66: Inflation will peak. Bulk carriers pile up & the rise of the French far-right

Chartbook #110: Being There - Last Call At The Hotel Imperial

Chartbook #109: War at the end of history

Chartbook-Unhedged #3: Is a Bull Market in Europe's Future?

Chartbook #108: Containing the global shockwave - the real battle to shape the post-crisis world economy.

Top Links #65 Détente cool, Karaganov, Cold War liberalism and the color of pipes

Chartbook #107: The future of the dollar - Fin-Fi (finance fiction) and Putin's war

Top Links #64: Inflation, debt, the Rattan Renaissance & Hong Kong cool

Chartbook - Unhedged Exchange #2: The End Of Globalization As We Know It ?

Chartbook #106: The new buttresses of the dollar system.

Chartbook #105: Heat pumps for energy sovereignty - Europe's options in the face of Putin's War

Chartbook #104: From Mostar to Mariupol - Urbicide and MOUT

Top Links #63: "Hole World", NATO enlargement & W.E.B. Du Bois's 95th birthday

Chartbook-Unhedged Exchange: China under pressure, a debate

Chartbook #103 How refugees' need for cash exposes the limits of Euro sovereignty

Chartbook #102: Soft landing in heavy weather - The Fed's "no drama" policy.

Top Links #62: Sorel, revolutionary Berlin, Ray Dalio & Puff Daddy

Chartbook #101 Odious Claims - on Russia's bonds

Chartbook #100: Must central banks become lenders of last resort for commodity markets?

Chartbook #99 China under pressure

Chartbook #98: Eastern Europe in the financial frontline

Chartbook #97: Is boycotting Russian energy a realistic strategy? The German case.

Chartbook #96: Brest-Litovsk - Imperial Germany and the troubled birth of modern Ukraine

Chartbook #95: Is "Ukraine the West's fault"? On great powers and realism

Chartbook #94: Putin's war, China and the Euro-Dollar trap

Chartbook #93: Russia's $720m per day gas windfall - the lopsided economic war

Chartbook #92: "So like us" - Africa and the Russo-Ukrainian war

Chartbook #91: What if Putin's war regime turns to MMT?

Chartbook #90: Heavy Fires

Chartbook #89 Russia's financial meltdown and the global dollar system.

Chartbook #88 Sanctions and MAD: Will a financial panic in Moscow accelerate the "logic" of escalation?

Chartbook #87: Are we on the brink of all out financial war with Russia?

Chartbook #86: About those sanctions: SWIFT, correspondent banking, and the GL 8 energy carve-out.

Chartbook #85: Unlikely hero - Mr Hoenig goes to Washington.

Top Links #61: Gorbachev in Nice, when the US invaded China and the complete Habermas.

Chartbook #84: Trucks, bridges & state power

Chartbook Newsletter #83: Crypto and the state. Shouldn't we be talking about SHA-256?

Top Links #60: Algo Trading, Planetary Politics and Japanese Sci-Fi

Chartbook Audio: The synthesis of materialism and myth - a Wages of Destruction seance

Top Links #59: Magli Idea, Gigafactories, Blackstone and the French Revolution

Chartbook #82: The rise of asset manager capitalism and the financial crisis of 2008

Chartbook #81 Permanent crisis or Black Earth agro-giant? Alternative futures for Ukraine.

Top Links #58 Global smoking, British inequality & flipping the Med

Chartbook #80: The Economic Weapon - the real history of sanctions.

Top Links #57 Bank of England & inflation, Sri Lanka's debt crisis & Russia's gas pipelines

Chartbook #79: From Hayek to left populism - how price changes deliver an information bomb

Chartbook #78: The "Frozen Hell" of Afghanistan

Top Links # 56: Millennial wealth gaps & race, gentrification in Berkeley and survivorship bias in World War II

Chartbook #77: More than 7000 deaths per day ... and we talk as though it is over.

Chartbook #76: Strategy of Tension - updated on the economic fallout from Russian-Ukraine crisis

Top Links #55 Forever is composed of nows, the interest burden, Duchamp and a Powell dance.

Chartbook #75: Being realistic ... about the EU, history and climate policy

Top Links #54 Political economy special

Top Links #53: Blue Boy, Larry Summers, Paul Krugman and the housing theory of everything

Top Links #52 Bulgarian hackers, Hegel on vaccines & Madagascar's immiseration

Chartbook #74: Crypto and the politics of money

Chartbook #73: Crisis Pictures (Krisenbilder) - mapping the polycrisis

Chartbook #72: Team Transitory Roars Back

Top Links #51: Inflation in the Baltics, 007 License to Dine, Demonised Species & Killer drugs

Chartbook #71 The INFLATION-debate in Germany

Chartbook #70 Draghi for President?

Top Links #50 Drought in America, Africa's undersea cables and Foucault on Hegel

Chartbook #69: War in Sight? Russia-Ukraine scenarios.

Chartbook #68 Putin's Challenge to Western hegemony - the 2022 edition.

Top Links #49 Grandeur, Serbian lithium, Mother Courage & Erdogan in West Africa

Chartbook #67: In the middle of things (sic) -Hommage to Tsing's Mushroom at the End of the World

Top Links #48: East African growth, Logics of Discipline, digital technologies

Chartbook Audio - Ones and Tooze on the Stones, the Beatles, price controls, the Pentagon v. Walmart and Ford Escorts.

Chartbook #66: More on inflation and price controls

Top Links #47: The industrial revolution, European debt, the young Kojève

Chartbook #65: Inflation & Price Controls

Top LInks #46: Trade Winds, Brazil's lost decade and the last dog-fight.