Your Chart book work on here is underrated I hope it gets more traffic in the future its a great break from the never ending noise of the general discourse online. Looking forward to your publication; "Shutdown: how COVID shook the world economy." If at all possible could you read the audiobook yourself like you did in parts of Crashed? It's nice when an audiobooks are read in the same consistent voice.

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Thank you for this very complete study.

I am the president of Italia Bahamas Foundation and Ambassador for the Caribbean for M.I.R.E.

I also have my Substack newsletter.

I have started a charity for the victims of hurricane Dorian. Last year we made a donation that was aired by Facebook direct with Bahamian famous journalist Shenique Miller. This year, to replicate the Christmas donation, I wrote a book and the money will be donated again, to help those poor people that lost everything.

My wife is from Eleuthera.

I shared your post on the MIRE BAHAMAS Facebook page.

Thank you for your excellent work.

Mr. Andrea Cecchi

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