The only thing that I can think of is that the 2.2 Trillion dollars and American blood, bought a 20 year reprieve for hundreds of thousands, if not a million, women and children would have suffered under the Taliban, and have grown up ignorant and uneducated except for salafist Islamic indoctrination.

I worry for them,now that we have left, and am wondering just how all of those translators and other Afghani's can be taken out with Bagram in control of the Taliban.

The real question is what is more important, tax payer money or the lives of people.

The fact that the question is raised is the answer.

Everything is evaluated as worthy or unworthy in relationship to money.

Even a cost benefit analysis breaks down to profit or loss.

Quality of life, human lives, democracy, erecting a bulwark against terrorism and aggression are not factored into the analysis, except for how much it costs.

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IxJac is a man who has for the past fifteen years while posting on the below forum claimed to have been a Canadian Forces soldier who deployed to Afghanistan twice in a rear-area capacity (intelligence staff for Canadian forces in Kandahar). While it is difficult to be sure of anything on the internet, his extremely long history of posts and his numerous interactions with other claimed soldiers (and the sheer quality of his analysis) have given him substantial credibility. His commentary on the ongoing collapse of the Afghan government is illuminating.


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