.... I'm actually not kidding.
The latest Ones and Tooze posted Friday. Recorded from Lisbon, Cameron and I talk bond markets, central banks and big money at COP26. From Apple here: …
... plus global food prices.
When macro meet "mouth pockets".
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The latest Ones and Tooze is up. Cameron and I discuss the German election. Get the podcast from apple here. From Spotify here. Or straight from Foreig…
Evergrande, taper talk and the TGV
The debut of my new weekly podcast with Cameron Abadi and Foreign Policy
Jordan Schneider, Matt Klein and I talking economic history, China etc.
A grim anniversary
Talking China with Kaiser Kuo, Jeremy Cliffe and Emily Tamkin
Deluge, Wages of Destruction, Carl Schmitt and Putin and Russia's dollarization.